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Winter 2019 – Tequila

Victor Wiens hosted us on this very first gathering as an official group titled the Niagara Whisky Society. The event was well attended with twelve members & one guest for a total of thirteen in attendance. The night began with the usual banter, leading into an official introduction by our president, and on to a description of the four tequilas chosen for us to sample. The cost of each bottle was held until the end in order to avoid any assumptions being made. Using his previous tasting experience, Victor chose four very different and interesting tequilas.

The tequila:

  • Tromba Anejo (36% ABV)
  • Cazadores Anejo (40% ABV)
  • Hornitos Black Barrel Anejo (40% ABV)
  • Pasote Anejo (40% ABV)

Everything was pre-poured so everyone could move through the flight at their own speed. This was really good for comparison, and differences were easily noticed as we moved through the tequilas offered. It was quite remarkable that the price didn’t seem to correlate with the most interesting or most desirable tequila…In this case, price didn’t seem to predict the order of best-to-worst at all.

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